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Macedonia, April 2 2001: In Memmoriam, Josif Ilkovski, helpless KLA victim

(April 2, 2001, the day of Josif's funeral)

Dear friends,
let me tell you a story:

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful country, famous far and wide for its gorgeous mountains. Its fame was so great, that the voyagers, passing through, stopped to take a breath of fresh air. And stayed there. Those were the places where monks and Emperors, built their monasteries and castles. Those places were not reachable by anyone, especially by those who were blind and deaf for their beauty. Those who could, and wanted to see and hear the beauty, chose the best of places to build sanctuaries. Such people were never selfish. Their goodness went far: beside the room for themselves, they build an extra room for the travelers who may pass by. Rooms add to one another, and then another floor above them, and above all, a roof. Under that roof there was a refuge and rest for all tired people who came. The guests were pilgrims, coming to see the beauty of the mountain by their own will, and their tiredness was sweet. The hosts in those small but comfortable cottages were last to go to bed and first to rise. In the break of dawn they would make coffee or gather and cook some mountain tea.

Josif Ilkovski (77) a writer and Kitka mountain house keeper, killed by the KLA on March 30th, 2001.

Uncle Josif, weary of the civilization, one day left his workplace in a publishing house, put his mountain-going boots on, took several pens and enough writing paper and went to live to a place that is more beautiful than the city. He lived one of the mountain-homes, and he was there for all who visited the mountain. It was a place where silence feels like noise, and where the green of the forest seems to fight with the blue of the sky. There, Uncle Josif could be with people who appreciate the splendor spread around them. During the ten years spent on the mountain, he received more than a hundred thousand visitors, and wrote his three best novels. His novels were famous for the fact that all their characters shared one trait: all of them, bundled among the pages, were good people. There were no evil or bad persons among them. They were all good!

Uncle Josif wrote his last words last Friday: "oh man-unhuman, your border is the good-evil" That evening he was attacked, savagely tortured, beaten and slaughtered. After the seventh stabbing, in his seventy seventh year, his strength and life left him. For this time, the visitors of his mountain home did not come with good intentions and open heart. Their message was clear "Come to the woods, UK".

Take care,

PS The photographs were made two weeks ago by Carol Cho.


Photos by Carol Cho, text by Marko Georgiev, editing by Filip Stojanovski & Macedonia Search

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Macedonia, April 2 2001: In Memmoriam, Josif Ilkovski, helpless KLA victim

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